E-Guest book: set up & use


What is the E-Guest book?

The E-guest book feature allows family and friends to leave messages for the account owner and/or write in honor of the person commemorated.  The link to the E-Guest book appears in memorial sites that have activated that feature, on top right of the screen. To enter and use, click on: E-Guest book.

View samples of E-Guest book entries from our Iraqi Freedom Memorial.

How do I use the E-Guest book?

To write the account owner(s), enter your name, note and e-mail address.

To send your note, click on: Sign Guest book.

To view e-mail entries, click on: View Guest Book.

How do I set up the E-Guest book?

Users who select the Classic and Silver memorial options are asked during initial registration to accept or decline the offer to add e-mail, otherwise known as our E-Guest book.  The cost of adding the E-Guest book feature is $5 annually and it allows visitors to leave notes for the account owner and/or write in honor of the person commemorated. Selection of Gold site option and larger sites will ensure that the E-Guest book is included without charge. Clients with Classic and Silver site option who did not select the E-Guest book option upon registration can write us to request the feature added, or select the option upon renewal.

Group members get the e-Guest book feature included without charge.

How do I review and manage content of E-Guest book?

1. Go to: Member Login.

2. Enter your account password or register as a new user.

3. In- Account Management, click on: Edit Site.

4. In- Manage Memorial, click on: Manage E-Guest book entries.

5. To remove messages, click on: Delete entry.

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