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Elizabeth (Liesl)  Polach

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Dr. Hans Polach  |  Elizabeth Adler Polach

Elisabeth (Liesl Adler) Polach was born  28.9. 1902

Liesl lost her mother when she was only two years old. Her father, Wilhelm
Adler, was a judge in Bruenn. He soon remarried so that Liesl and her ten
years older brother Hugo, would have a new mother. The stepmother died when
Liesl was still a teenager, and her father too lived only long enough to see
her married.

Liesl attended the Lyceum, a rather rare education for a girl at that time.
She also knew French and English in addition to her native German and Czech.
Her only child, Dita was born in Prague and Liesl raised her and kept the
house. In summer she and Hans would go vacationing in the mountains and Dita
stayed with her grandparents. But with the occupation of Czechoslovakia by
Hitler, all the good life ended. They were persecuted and hounded as Jews,
and in 1942 the entire family was deported to Theresienstadt.

Liesl and Dita survived the concentration camps of Auschwitz-Birkenau,
forced labor camp in Germany and finally Bergen-Belsen. They were liberated
by the British army just before the end of the war. An outbreak of typhus
delayed their repatriation for two months. Yet Liesl suddenly became ill
and within two days she was gone. It was June 29. 1945.

Liesl did not live to see her daughter, Dita, wed Otto or know her grandchildren Simon, Michaela and Ron.

Ehud, Assaf, Daniel & Gabriella Kraus never met their great grandmother, yet Liesl is still remembered.