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Johann  Polach

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Johann Polach was born 16.5.1871

Johann was the eldest of six children, four boys and two girls. His father
was a poor workman from a small village in Moravia. Since Johann was a
talented student , he was sent to Vienna to attend the Schottenring gymnasium.

During his years at the university, he supported himself by giving private
lessons. He became also very active in the rising Social-democratic party,
both in Vienna and in Bruenn. With his new bride, Katharina Waller, he moved
to Bruenn where he started teaching Latin and Greek at a high school. Three
sons were born to them, Hans, Friedrich and Ernst-Benjamin. Friedrich died
young, aged twenty.

Johann rose in the ranks of the Party and eventually was appointed Senator
at the Czechoslovak Pariament. For several years Johann was actively
involved in the political life, mainly in the field of education. He retired
due to illness, in the mid-thirties.

When Hitler occupied Czechoslovakia, Johann and his family were persecuted
for their Jewish origin and in 1942 deported to Ghetto Theresienstadt. In
the terrible conditions he lived for just a few weeks, and died miserably in
October 1942.